Autumn Sweaters

A friend recently posted on Facebook, “What song/album/artist makes you feel fall?”. The first song that came to mind, Yo La Tengo’s Autumn Sweater. I thought it might be a little on the nose regarding his question but it does actually feel like a fall song to me so it works perfectly. Did you know … Continue reading Autumn Sweaters

Quick Collages

I’ve added another tool to my recent collage practice: a small Field Notes notebook to quickly collage in during my lunch break. This notebook isn’t meant for thought out, overly detailed collages. Instead, I just find a few random images and text and glue them inside while eating my lunch. It’s interesting how a small … Continue reading Quick Collages

Reality Bites…

I recently stumbled on this Reality Bites movie soundtrack CD at an estate sale and picked it up along with a pile of discs I bought. I remember having the soundtrack originally in high school, when the movie was released, but have long since let it go. I thought it might be fun to revisit. … Continue reading Reality Bites…

Staycation Success

As I mentioned last week, my wife and I stayed home for our annual fall break vacation, a staycation if you will. At first, we had a hard time acclimating to the free time, but we found a groove and knocked out a lot of little things during our time at home… Took the car … Continue reading Staycation Success