I’m Not Tired

Most love songs are about the excitement that comes from that first moment of falling in love with someone. Unfortunately, those songs are often followed by songs of heartache when things don’t go right. What about a song for those of us in long term relationships? A song for the two people who have been … Continue reading I’m Not Tired

Halloween Jams

In a new episode of Aaron Calling, a music podcast I co-host with my friend of 20+ years (also named Aaron), we discussed our favorite songs that creep us out. They aren’t necessarily SCARY Halloween songs, but they just give us the creeps when we hear them. I was surprised by some of the picks. … Continue reading Halloween Jams

Thrifting Life

Today I read this great article, Why You Need To Catch The Drift About Thrift Shopping, and commented that I could blog daily about all of the great finds from my thrift store shopping. Plenty of blog posts on this site are dedicated already to those finds. In her article, Kim mentioned exactly how I … Continue reading Thrifting Life

Can You Lose…?

My sixteen year old boys were very excited about the release of Kanye West’s new album, JESUS IS KING. While running errands last weekend, we listened to the album together and they told me what they liked about it the most. It was fun watching them be excited about an album like this, especially when … Continue reading Can You Lose…?

Arcade Games < Phones

Last week I was invited to the opening of a new arcade which features rooms filled with classic arcade games, pinball machines, bowling, ping-pong and more. While I was getting my butt kicked in Street Fighter, I couldn’t help but notice this group of people sitting down, not playing any games, all looking at their … Continue reading Arcade Games < Phones