We are visiting Raleigh this weekend for a soccer tournament. Thankfully we get to see friends here too that we haven’t visited with in awhile. So far it looks like it’s going be cold and rainy but hopefully our boys’ soccer team still plays great. Selfishly I’m hoping to get some record shopping in tomorrow, … Continue reading Raleigh

Boliver Shagnasty

I found the below 45 yesterday without any artist info listed on the label. After reading the song titles, Tapping That Thing and Yo-Yo, I knew I had to risk the 25 cents to bring it home and hear what it was all about. Turns out it was recorded by “Boliver Shagnasty”, the alias for … Continue reading Boliver Shagnasty

Hey Tonight

I don’t know exactly where to fit CCR in the chronicles of rock music history but growing up in Alabama and spending a lot of time with family in Louisiana meant I heard my share of Fogerty and company. I remember buying their Chronicle CD in a WalMart well before I could drive, but they … Continue reading Hey Tonight

I Got A Sure Thing

Last weekend I found a copy of Ollie & The Nightingales’ 45 featuring the songs, I Got A Sure Thing b/w Girl, You Got My Heart Singing. I usually pick up Stax singles when I find them and since it was half off day at the thrift store, I figured .25 cents was a reasonable … Continue reading I Got A Sure Thing

RIP King

This weekend we had to say goodbye to one of our dogs, King. It was hard making the decision to put him down, but after several tests with the vet, we knew he wasn’t in a position to get any better and his current quality of life was suffering greatly. Thankfully we found a service … Continue reading RIP King