That One Makes Me Sad

“That one makes me sad,” said my wife when looking at my open collage book. I hadn’t started a collage on the right hand page yet so I knew she was referencing the photo of the person lying down, being tested with the heading “Company Man”. I didn’t reply with any hidden meaning or explanation, … Continue reading That One Makes Me Sad

Get Into Music

Last year I bought this vintage JBL audio jacket with the words “Get Into Music” embroidered on the back. We are officially in the fall season here in Nashville and the high today is supposed to 98 degrees. I’m ready for the weather to break and for us to have a true fall season and … Continue reading Get Into Music

Driving Distractions

My twin sons passed their drivers exams last week and today was the first day they drove to school and back without an adult in the car. Spoiler alert: They did great and made it safely to both school and home. However, I’ve been distracted all day by the thought of them driving. It has … Continue reading Driving Distractions