Sony CFS-1000 Boombox Radio Repair

6 thoughts on “Sony CFS-1000 Boombox Radio Repair”

  1. Hello,
    I actually bought one of these from an estate sale for 5 bucks. While it probably does need restoration, there are only a few main problems. The cassette player and radio mostly work, but the tape speed(tape sounds out of speed, my least concern tbh) and autostop system dont seem to work. Not to mention, the left speaker doesnt work, and the volume control is a little static-y. I’m wondering what steps I need to take to fix it, could you give me some advice?


  2. Hi there. Do you have any advice on cleaning off the melted belt? I just picked one up, and the rubber is quite a mess inside. Also, what would you recommend for cleaning the contacts? Thanks for the helpful article!


    1. I use A LOT of q-tips with isopropyl alcohol. It takes forever to clean it all off so don’t get discouraged! I use Deoxit spray (you can find on Amazon) for cleaning contacts!


  3. I recently bought one of these and the cassette deck did not work as well. I took it apart and assumed it was the belt, but the belt was intact. The deck does nothing when I push play,rewind,etc. do you have a guess as to what could possibly be the next step? It makes no sounds when play is pushed.


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