36 From The Vault

Dead heads…your new favorite podcast is here. The definitive overview of the Dead’s celebrated live show releases. Hosted by music journalist and podcaster Steven Hyden and fellow music journalist Rob Mitchum, this series will chronicle each live release, breaking down the historical context of the show while discussing musical, political, and sports-related trends of the … Continue reading 36 From The Vault

Pocket Calculator

There are times when a song will not stop playing itself over and over in my head and this past week that song is Kraftwerk’s Pocket Calculator.  Mostly I just keep singing to myself… I’m the operator with my pocket calculator.  I would really love to find this LP in the wild soon! Continue reading Pocket Calculator

Let It Be

I’ve been in a Bill Withers rabbit hole since finding two of his 45s in the pile of 1,000 I bought over the holidays. Below is the wonderful hit, Ain’t No Sunshine, which I’m very pleased to own a copy of now. I was listening to Bill’s album, Just As I Am, and noticed the … Continue reading Let It Be

Marantz 2230 Rebuild

I purchased the above Marantz 2230 in October of last year from a friend having a yard sale. I paid $125 for the unit knowing it had some issues, most notably that after it warmed up, it made an awful static sound in both speakers. I assumed it was probably a bad transistor or two. … Continue reading Marantz 2230 Rebuild

Strobe Light

TGIF, especially since this will be a long three weekend. To celebrate, here’s a live video of The B-52’s performing Strobe Light in 1980, complete with telephone prop! Man, I’m bummed I never saw them live.   Continue reading Strobe Light

Hobbies > Hustles

My website is a hobby featuring me writing about my hobbies such as collecting records, listening to music, discovering new artists, buying vintage audio gear and more. I have zero interest in monetizing this site nor am I interested in how many people read it. I don’t bother cross posting my posts to Facebook or … Continue reading Hobbies > Hustles