1,000th Download

2021 so far has been about milestones of 1,000. First, my Discogs store reached over 1,000 listings, and now my podcast just had it’s 1,000th download. Now, 1,000 downloads isn’t a lot, I get it, but this podcast is mostly just a fun way to call one of my oldest friends and talk about music … Continue reading 1,000th Download


Last week I posted the 1,000th item for sale in my Discogs store. For anyone who has listed items on Discogs, either in their collection or to sell, you know how tedious this can be. 1,000 felt like a big number to me when I started my store last year. In fact, I made myself … Continue reading 1,000+

I Told You So

If you like funky organ based jazzy jams in your music library, be sure to check out the new album from the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio. I preordered the new LP last year and it arrived early this week. I played it through twice, back to back, that’s how much I enjoyed listening to it. … Continue reading I Told You So

The Cross

As I mentioned earlier this week, I was excited to find my old Kindle and the first book I read was Michaelangelo Matos’ 33 1/3 book on Prince’s Sign O’ The Times album. Prince’s estate remastered and reissued the album last year and I admit to finally sitting down and listening to the album in … Continue reading The Cross

Things that keep talented people from fulfilling their potential…

One of my favorite newsletters is from James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, a book I read twice (!) in 2020. This week’s newsletter contained the following quote: “Things that keep talented people from fulfilling their potential: – Trying to please everyone– Imitating the desires of others– Chasing status without questioning why– Playing superhero and … Continue reading Things that keep talented people from fulfilling their potential…