Rolling With Heat

I’ve been waiting for a reissue of The Roots’ Phrenology album and it’s finally here thanks to Vinyl Me Please. I hesitate to pick a favorite Roots album, but this is the one I go back to time and time again. I can’t think of a song I dislike on the album. My favorite track … Continue reading Rolling With Heat

She’s On Fire

The above photo was taken in a Goodwill last weekend where I found a copy of Lifesavers’ A Kiss of Life LP. I almost skipped this particular Goodwill because it hasn’t had much to offer in my thrifting adventures as of late. But, it’s on my way home so I stopped in just in case. … Continue reading She’s On Fire

With All of My Might

I have tickets to see Archers of Loaf in Nashville on March 7th and I’ve been diving back into their catalog in preparation. One song that’s always jumped out at me is Might, from the 1993 album Icky Mettle. I’d like to pretend that in 1993 I was hip enough to be an Archers fan, … Continue reading With All of My Might

Solvable Problems

This morning I read Austin Kleon’s post about solving Rubik’s cubes and installing door knobs as a stress reliever and it reminded me of why I enjoy repairing vintage audio gear. When there is a piece of gear that isn’t working and I can get it repaired, it’s a problem solved. I took the time … Continue reading Solvable Problems