Cosmic Language

When I was high school, I decided to listen to jazz. This was in the mid-90’s when grunge and alternative were all the rage and I had spent plenty of time listening to both. There isn’t a shining moment for my decision to listen to jazz. I didn’t grow up with an older brother or … Continue reading Cosmic Language

Mending things…

This blog post by Austin Kleon reminded me of a few projects I’ve worked on the past couple of weeks. First, it’s worth noting that I haven’t been excited about working on any vintage receivers this week. I needed a break from a few projects that have me stumped. I find when I pressure myself … Continue reading Mending things…

Tapeless Deck

Today I stumbled across this awesome project called Tapeless Deck which recycles an old tape deck to a digital playback device. What I love the most is the ability to use a skin on the digital device to create the look of a cassette playing. Check out their website for more information! Continue reading Tapeless Deck


Last night I replaced the belt in the above Sony Walkman. At this point, I’ve changed the belt on these units so many times now, I can finish the repair in under 10 minutes. This Walkman is unusually clean, both inside and out. I celebrated the repair with a test listen of the new album, … Continue reading Idles