Maran Curiua

I found this LP by Los Indios Tabajaras last weekend at my local thrift store and thought it would be worth giving a spin. Just look at that album cover. I had to hear it. The second song, Maran Cariua, is my favorite track with the haunting vocals on what is mostly an instrumental album. … Continue reading Maran Curiua

Last One To Die

Rancid announced they were playing in Nashville this May which is exciting news since it’s been close to twenty years since I saw them last. Rancid is one of those bands that keeps popping back up in my life. They never go away. One song that I play loudly in the car whenever I’m feeling … Continue reading Last One To Die

Bo Diddley

I found several great albums this weekend while thrifting and this one is probably my favorite. This is Bo Biddley’s 1958 mono pressing of his first album on Chess Records. The LP itself looked pretty rough, but I cleaned it up and it actually played…okay. It’s not perfect sure, but it plays through without skipping. … Continue reading Bo Diddley

Doin’ It

I’ve been a Herbie Hancock rabbit hole lately and found his 1976 album, Secrets, this weekend. The first song, Doin’ It, is a 8 minute long funky jam that I’ve listened to multiple times and want to try and figure out how to slide into a DJ set somehow. Enjoy.   Continue reading Doin’ It

Rolling With Heat

I’ve been waiting for a reissue of The Roots’ Phrenology album and it’s finally here thanks to Vinyl Me Please. I hesitate to pick a favorite Roots album, but this is the one I go back to time and time again. I can’t think of a song I dislike on the album. My favorite track … Continue reading Rolling With Heat

She’s On Fire

The above photo was taken in a Goodwill last weekend where I found a copy of Lifesavers’ A Kiss of Life LP. I almost skipped this particular Goodwill because it hasn’t had much to offer in my thrifting adventures as of late. But, it’s on my way home so I stopped in just in case. … Continue reading She’s On Fire