A Protective Walk

One of my collages from a few months ago. At first I thought this person was in a space suit but now I realize he’s in an outfit that resembles a bee keeper. But today, more than anything, it feels like someone taking the necessary precautions to reenter the world during COVID-19. Stay safe.   Continue reading A Protective Walk


This collage is one of my favorites. I created it last year during a rather confusing time in my professional life. There is a misconception that a person finds something they love doing and sticks with it forever. I’ve been lucky to find a steady job I enjoy but I understand the job isn’t what … Continue reading Reinventing

How You Gonna Win…

Yesterday I started a new collage notebook which means I actually finished my first book, something I didn’t think I’d be able to do. I have a tendency to start things and, well, never finish them. I have plenty of half filled notebooks around the house and when I started to feel the pull to … Continue reading How You Gonna Win…

Choose Wisely

Below are two collages I created when I first began to play around with the art form. I enjoy the contrast of people in each photo. The older gentleman with the apples always makes me smile for some reason. Choose wisely… Some of my favorite collages have a disproportionately sized person interrupting the smaller background. … Continue reading Choose Wisely

The 20 Dollar Scanner…

I’ve almost completely filled a notebook full of collages and wanted to get them into a digital format. I started by purchasing an app for my phone but was frustrated with the quality of scans. I thought…”Is it stupid to buy a scanner in 2020?“. I haven’t used a scanner in probably a decade or … Continue reading The 20 Dollar Scanner…

“Playing Records”

Austin Kleon’s most recent newsletter contained a link to an article by Gary Panter on the point of making pointless things during this time of quarantine. Here’s my favorite part: In America everyone expects to achieve. But in life, trying, simple trying, has great value. Try it out. Lower your expectations to achieve some pleasure in … Continue reading “Playing Records”

Go Away

I haven’t kept a public journal of our quarantined days. I decided to keep most of those thoughts private. I’ve not been posting here very often and I think that has to do with the shock of working from home and not leaving the house for days on end. You think at first it will … Continue reading Go Away