Audio Technica AT-VM95SH Cartridge with Shibata Stylus Review

7 thoughts on “Audio Technica AT-VM95SH Cartridge with Shibata Stylus Review”

  1. I have had a VM95ML for the past year. A superior tracker. I can recommend it over the Shibata in the cases were it tracks the inner groove in a more full presentation and tracks HF better. The VM95 is a sweet cart. Grab a VM95C for rougher lps too.

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      1. Definitely, nice to see the praise from a splendid cartridge. I will probably add a Sh to my collection. I have 2 ML already:-)

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  2. Whats your preamp and wire capacitance pf rating. Audio technica carts DEMAND a 100-200pf rating. I recommend at most a preamp with a max 100pf. I use 1ft interconnects with <16.8pf to keep it low. I registers about 100pf.
    The problem with higher loads is the AT cart is very sensitive. The high loading with boost the hf frequency response and cut roll it off early. The boost will be around 10khz and the bass will diminish. The cartridge will sound completely different with a proper setting. The VM95 has a flat frequency response.
    So make sure this is addressed. The AT cart will sing in comparison to the wrong load.


  3. I just upgraded from a VM95E to a VM95SH. What a difference, much better clarity in all frequency ranges, but I’m a treble freak and the quality of the treble is excellent as well as the bass/midrange. I had great memories of Shibatas from AT from 30-35 years ago so I thought I’d try one again. I’m also a guy who has owned $600 Grado wood bodied cartridges in the past and this doesn’t sound much lower end than that cartridge at all. BTW the $600 Grado had a nude elliptical stylus so that should tell you something about AT’s pricing structure.


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