Quick Collages

I’ve added another tool to my recent collage practice: a small Field Notes notebook to quickly collage in during my lunch break. This notebook isn’t meant for thought out, overly detailed collages. Instead, I just find a few random images and text and glue them inside while eating my lunch. It’s interesting how a small … Continue reading Quick Collages

That One Makes Me Sad

“That one makes me sad,” said my wife when looking at my open collage book. I hadn’t started a collage on the right hand page yet so I knew she was referencing the photo of the person lying down, being tested with the heading “Company Man”. I didn’t reply with any hidden meaning or explanation, … Continue reading That One Makes Me Sad

Doodling Again

It has been a minute since I made time for a quick drawing/doodle session. I have let the blank page psych me out too much lately and haven’t drawn anything. I saw an old Marlboro man ad online and decided to try and sketch the cowboy from the photo into my Field Notes notebook. It … Continue reading Doodling Again