Judge Not

Yesterday I had to drop my kids off with family where they are spending the weekend before we come down for the holidays. I was going to be near Columbia, TN, and decided to swing by their Goodwill to look for records. I was surprised to not find a single record for sale in the … Continue reading Judge Not

Slip Away

I like the challenge of posting something here each weekday. I stumbled into the habit last month and have just kept it going. I didn’t scheme a master plan to create a money making blog nor did I set myself a goal to write and write until I made money. I just wanted a website … Continue reading Slip Away


This weekend we watched the new Linda Ronstadt documentary, The Sound Of My Voice, which you can rent now on Amazon. I have always loved Linda’s album Heart Like A Wheel and one song that stands out is Willin’. How did Linda come to record a song written by Lowell George about truckers? The documentary … Continue reading Willin’

Bubble Puppy

This weekend we had a long 16 hour round trip drive to Raleigh, NC, and back to Nashville for our teenage boys’ travel soccer team. Tom Petty’s Buried Treasure show is one of my favorite radio programs on Sirius XM. It’s the perfect show to tune in to while making one of these long drives, … Continue reading Bubble Puppy