Concentration Beats Vol. 4

I curated this one hour playlist of music to help you concentrate and focus. This playlist differs from those online in that it offers an instrumental beats/lo-fi/hip-hop/jazz driven style instead of classical or ambient. This playlist features music from BadBadNotGood, Khruangbin, Peanut Butter Wolf, The Album Leaf, Oddisee, Helios and many more. If you enjoy … Continue reading Concentration Beats Vol. 4

Turning 40

So, today I turn 40 years old. Much of your 39th year on this planet is spent answering the annoying question, “Are you bothered about turning 40?” My answer is no and I found a couple of quotes about turning 40 to support my answer: I’m not dead yet. I think I’ll go for a … Continue reading Turning 40

I Might Be Autotelic

I have written about my hobbies before, and how I wouldn’t call them side hustles as much as they are learning opportunities. For instance, I like to repair old radios. I also like to buy and resell things on eBay. I have a newfound interest in film photography too. These are not “side hustles” for … Continue reading I Might Be Autotelic