I Told You So

If you like funky organ based jazzy jams in your music library, be sure to check out the new album from the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio. I preordered the new LP last year and it arrived early this week. I played it through twice, back to back, that’s how much I enjoyed listening to it. … Continue reading I Told You So

He Who Picks A Rose

Last night I was cleaning and listening to a stack of 45s for sale in my Discogs store. I listened to Edwin Starr’s classic, War, which always reminds of this Seinfeld scene: I flipped the 45 over and also enjoyed the B-side track, He Who Picks a Rose. This 45 was released in 1970 but … Continue reading He Who Picks A Rose

Celestial Blues

I recently stumbled on the song Celestial Blues by Gary Bartz from his album Harlem Bush Music. The song has is a unique mash up of jazz instrumentals from Gary with vocals by Andy Bey. It’s the lyrics sung by Bey that pulled me in: We must get closer to the essence of life…But be … Continue reading Celestial Blues