Distracted Seven

Thanks to a round of Enneagram training last year, I found myself scored as a Seven. I found this recently researching the struggles of Sevens… “On the negative side, when Sevens are unhealthy, they may dabble in many skills without becoming particularly good at any of them. Because they become bored rather quickly, they lack … Continue reading Distracted Seven

Mending things…

This blog post by Austin Kleon reminded me of a few projects I’ve worked on the past couple of weeks. First, it’s worth noting that I haven’t been excited about working on any vintage receivers this week. I needed a break from a few projects that have me stumped. I find when I pressure myself … Continue reading Mending things…


This collage is one of my favorites. I created it last year during a rather confusing time in my professional life. There is a misconception that a person finds something they love doing and sticks with it forever. I’ve been lucky to find a steady job I enjoy but I understand the job isn’t what … Continue reading Reinventing

Marantz 2230 Rebuild

I purchased the above Marantz 2230 in October of last year from a friend having a yard sale. I paid $125 for the unit knowing it had some issues, most notably that after it warmed up, it made an awful static sound in both speakers. I assumed it was probably a bad transistor or two. … Continue reading Marantz 2230 Rebuild

Hobbies > Hustles

My website is a hobby featuring me writing about my hobbies such as collecting records, listening to music, discovering new artists, buying vintage audio gear and more. I have zero interest in monetizing this site nor am I interested in how many people read it. I don’t bother cross posting my posts to Facebook or … Continue reading Hobbies > Hustles

I Might Be Autotelic

I have written about my hobbies before, and how I wouldn’t call them side hustles as much as they are learning opportunities. For instance, I like to repair old radios. I also like to buy and resell things on eBay. I have a newfound interest in film photography too. These are not “side hustles” for … Continue reading I Might Be Autotelic