Last night I replaced the belt in the above Sony Walkman. At this point, I’ve changed the belt on these units so many times now, I can finish the repair in under 10 minutes. This Walkman is unusually clean, both inside and out. I celebrated the repair with a test listen of the new album, … Continue reading Idles


Today is another Bandcamp Friday and what I’ve enjoyed the most about these release days, other than knowing the money spent goes 100% to the artist, is finding music I wouldn’t normally purchase. One example is a purchase from last month’s Bandcamp Friday called Noontide by Micah Frank. As I’ve mentioned before, I recently repaired … Continue reading NOONTIDE

The Green Shell

The Beastie Boys’ Ill Communication album was released in 1994, when I was in high school. I remember watching the music video for Sabotage on MTV and being excited about buying the album when it was released. In those days, CDs were expensive, often $18-20 while cassettes were closer to $9-11. When the album was … Continue reading The Green Shell

The Word

Last weekend I stopped by my local record store to browse their tapes for sale. I recently repaired my Sony cassette deck and have been playing any tapes I have on hand. I wanted to find new tapes to listen to, and not necessarily music I was familiar with. I like the idea of finding … Continue reading The Word