I Told You So

If you like funky organ based jazzy jams in your music library, be sure to check out the new album from the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio. I preordered the new LP last year and it arrived early this week. I played it through twice, back to back, that’s how much I enjoyed listening to it. … Continue reading I Told You So

Fran’s Jazz

We started watching Pretend It’s a City, the new limited series on Netflix from Martin Scorcese about Fran Lebowitz. We like it so much we’re only watching two episodes a night to make it last as long as possible (it’s seven episodes long). In episode two, Fran discusses her friendship with legendary jazz bassist, Charles … Continue reading Fran’s Jazz

Celestial Blues

I recently stumbled on the song Celestial Blues by Gary Bartz from his album Harlem Bush Music. The song has is a unique mash up of jazz instrumentals from Gary with vocals by Andy Bey. It’s the lyrics sung by Bey that pulled me in: We must get closer to the essence of life…But be … Continue reading Celestial Blues

Cosmic Language

When I was high school, I decided to listen to jazz. This was in the mid-90’s when grunge and alternative were all the rage and I had spent plenty of time listening to both. There isn’t a shining moment for my decision to listen to jazz. I didn’t grow up with an older brother or … Continue reading Cosmic Language

The Word

Last weekend I stopped by my local record store to browse their tapes for sale. I recently repaired my Sony cassette deck and have been playing any tapes I have on hand. I wanted to find new tapes to listen to, and not necessarily music I was familiar with. I like the idea of finding … Continue reading The Word

Living for the City

A few weeks ago, I was driving on the small back roads of Tennessee and decided to stop at a Goodwill in Shelbyville, TN. I quickly flipped through their records and found a copy of Ramsey Lewis’ Sun Goddess LP. I grabbed it and headed home. Since then I can’t stop listening to Ramsey’s cover … Continue reading Living for the City

Max Roach’s Drum Solos

I am sucker for jazz drum solos. I stumbled on two this weekend, both by Max Roach and from the same album, Brown and Roach Incorporated.  The album features trumpeter Clifford Brown and was released in 1955. The first song, Sweet Clifford, comes at you with break neck, hard bop speed, as if the musicians … Continue reading Max Roach’s Drum Solos